IMG_3298IMPORTANT – The athletes must be at the warm up area, according to their fighting schedule. The athlete can only enter the competition area when he/she is called by the official. After the match the athlete must immediately return to the warm up area.

Coaches (maximum 2 per academy) must have a valid Coaching Permit for the tournament.

The athletes may only be assisted by one coach during the match. This coach takes place on the chair at the edge of the competition area. In case of misconduct towards the athletes, the referees, the public or anyone else, the referee may decide to have the coach removed for this match. If the misconduct does not stop, the Event Director can do so for the entire tournament.

Categories: please check the athletes registration form.

Fight times:

adults white belts: 5 minutes

adults men blue belts: 6 minutes

adults women blue & up: 6 minutes

adults men elite (purple & up): 7 minutes

Restrictions (official IBJJF rules are applied):

adults white belts: only straight footlock, NO wristlocks

adults men blue belts: only straight footlock

adults women blue & up: only straight footlock (The lower belt rules are applied.)

adults men elite (purple & up): NO heelhooks (In the Elite class the lower belt rules are applied.)

Brackets: if a team has more than 2 athletes in the same category (belt/weight), ONLY in the first round an opponent of a different academy is guaranteed. During the tournament brackets cannot be changed anymore.

Open classes: only for the first three classified athletes of each weight category of the adults (born in 2007 and before). There will not be an open class for white belts. Athletes must register in Open Class within 15 minutes after receiving their medal awards.

IMPORTANT: after each fight the WINNER has to CHECK his/her name at the mat table.